Focusing on living & learning.

Hello. thanks for taking time out and giving this a read. I am an end-to-end product designer working at the intersection of human centred design and technology. I have had the privilege of designing & building solutions that solve real people problems.

I co-founded Carrot Fish, a design & innovation studio based out of India where I was fortunate to meet and work with some extremely talented people excited to bring about change.

Prior to that, I was the co-founder of a lifestyle brand called Twenty Seven. In the 2 years that it ran, I'm glad I had the courage to make the mistakes I did. It was all worth it.

Between both ventures I travelled extensively around India, scuba dived a tiny bit and marinated in the newness of everything, while the sub-conscious found a way to the road ahead (mostly figuratively).

I have had the opportunity to intern at Artefact & Lopez Design, both of which were instrumental in ingraining the values of taking extreme ownership and constantly learning to adapt.

Happy to chat about work or travel.



The Procezz

If I had to define my process, I would say it is akin to Jazz. Although there is structure, it is entirely based upon the concept of improvisation. Working harmoniously with people of different skillsets, navigating through constraints, taking decisions as per the context, with an end motive to delight the listener. It is exciting, it is dynamic, it is fulfilling & it is organic (it rhymes).

I believe in

  1. 01 People over Ideas

    Any company is as good as it's people. So, aim for the best people & let them aim for the best ideas.

  2. 02 Get feedback fast

    Working in silos is great only if you are an artist wanting to make a master-piece. If you are in a position of giving feedback, always remember that no feedback is one of the cruelest things you can do.*

  3. 03 Be kind & do the right thing

    A perfect medicine to get sound sleep; do the right thing & often it's not easy. Being kind goes a long way.

  4. 04 Take time to sharpen your axe

    Relentless hard work is not a long term plan. Take time out to learn & sharpen your axe in order to stay relevant & productive.

  • Currently Reading

    • Zero to One, Peter Thiel
    • The only Investment guide you will ever need, Andrew Tobias
  • Currently Listening

    • Podcast: 99% Invisible
    • Music: Alternating between Vulfpeck, Melody Gardot & Junip.
  • Currently Watching

    • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    • Never Too Small

Big thanks!

Some of the people I have worked with & learnt a lot from:

  • Aditya Abhyankar
  • Akhil Sehgal
  • Ambar Mehrotra
  • Aparajita Ninan
  • Arushi Aggarwal
  • Aseem Pawar
  • Bhirva Mehta
  • Ganesh Alhat
  • Gagandeep Chawla
  • George Joseph
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Jackson Chu
  • Jamie Munoz
  • Jatinder Singh Mann
  • Jay Thakur
  • Joana Mendis
  • Jon Mann
  • Kishore Kumar
  • Madhu Sudhan
  • Maseeh Ali Khan
  • Navdeep Singh
  • Nitish Malhotra
  • Omkar Purav
  • Raja Hariharan
  • Sahib Singh
  • Saloni Soni
  • Shubham Mehra
  • Sourabh Wadhwa
  • Spencer Davis
  • Sven Ericsson
  • Tanya Bhandari
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